Xgboost Hyperparameter Tuning – The Ultimate Guide

xgboost hyperparameter tuning

We’re diving into a powerful machine learning tool today – XGBoost. Before we take the plunge, let’s get a quick lay of the land. What is XGBoost? On the surface, XGBoost, or eXtreme Gradient Boosting, is a decision-tree-based ensemble machine learning algorithm that utilizes a gradient boosting framework. In simple terms, it’s like a powerful … Read more

PyData Eindhoven 2019 – A Conference for Data Science

PyData - Conference for Data Science

I recently took part in a popular conference for Data Science called PyData. The conference was in Eindhoven and was organized mainly by the companies ASML and Greenhouse, among others. It happened over two days, the first with hands-on workshops and the second with presentations/talks. But first things first, what is PyData? What is PyData? … Read more

Interactive Data Visualization in Python – A Plotly and Dash Intro

interactive data visualization in python with dash and plotly

In this post, I would like to introduce an option for interactive data visualization in Python. More specifically, I will introduce the importance of Data Visualization and then talk about interactivity. Subsequently, I will introduce the Plotly and Dash framework in Python. I will also talk about the importance of dashboards in Data Science. Finally, … Read more