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Internet Marketing Black Friday 2019 Deals – Affiliate Marketing & Hosting

Are you looking for internet marketing deals for the 2019 Black Friday? Then I assure you, you are in the right place.

To start off, let me make clear what this post is not. I will not be spamming the post with numerous deals I googled for around and added them here. I don’t aim to rip you off your well-earned money.

What I do want to do in this post is to provide you with a recommendation about a service I have personally been using for the past almost 4 years. This service is a platform named Wealthy Affiliate (I know kind of cheesy name :P).

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means if you make a purchase I will make a small commission at no additional cost to you, which helps me with keeping this website up and running. If you don’t want to use my links you are of course free to do so, no hard feelings here. I am sincerely using the Wealthy Affiliate platform myself (been a member there for almost 4 years now), and I truly believe it is a very good service.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

So, what is really Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate is an all-inclusive platform for internet marketers of all kinds. The platform provides step-by-step high-quality training on building your own online business. The focus is on affiliate marketing and building authority websites. It is the platform from which I started learning about Internet Marketing and Blogging almost 4 years ago and I can guarantee that the training works. If you are interested to learn more about starting your online business, or even taking your internet marketing efforts to the next level, it is the platform I would personally recommend for training.

Wealthy Affiliate FeaturesWhat Does Wealthy Affiliate Provide?

World-Class Hosting

The platform provides numerous features in addition to the education, the most important one of all being hosting for your WordPress websites. More specifically, you get hosting for up to 25 websites of your own domain (with free SSL certificates added as well – that is the https, for those who may not know, that helps in the security of your website and thus with search engines) and up to 25 websites of the Wealthy Affiliate subdomain, SiteRubix, totalling up to hosting for 50 websites (!). The experience is super smooth and can be very helpful for any beginner and non-techie person out there. You also get a support team that is very fast in assisting you with any technical difficulties you are sure to face with your websites. The guys there have been super helpful and fast to answer, almost in real-time. On top of non-technical people though, I believe the website hosting and managing platform is also super useful for experienced internet marketers that manage many websites at a time and don’t want to spend their precious time inefficiently.

Niche and Keyword Research

Apart from the world-class website hosting, members get access to Jaaxy, a tool that can be used for keyword and niche research, as well as competition analysis. Companies who provide tools like these charge a good amount of dollars per month, so I believe having access to Jaaxy is a huge plus for Wealthy Affiliate.

The Community

Apart from the technical aspects, another strong feature of the platform is the community. There are over a million members at the moment and counting, many of which are seasoned internet marketers. The online community is super active and all people are very helpful, something that is another valuable part of the platform membership. It helps tremendously with problem-solving, getting ideas and inspiration, as well as accountability.

Why Black Friday is the Best Moment to Become a Member

The platform can be tested for free by anyone, with access to the basic features and a part of the training. If you are interested in that you can easily create your free account and check the platform out literally risk-free.

–>Click here to create your free Wealthy Affiliate account<–

However, if you would like to get access to all the features of the platform for the next year, then the Black Friday deal that is available is the one that you should shoot for. I am personally a Black Friday member myself and I assure you I have not regretted it. It is by far the cheapest option possible for a premium yearly membership, at only $299. This is a huge discount on the normal price. More specifically, with the discount the cost amounts to only $0.82 cents per day, less than $1 per day, which is essentially 49% off, saving you $289.

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019
If you are interested to check the offer out, you can do so using the following link.

–>Check the Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Black Friday offer<–

Black Friday 2019 Bonuses

For anyone who subscribes for the 2019 Black Friday offer, Kyle and Carson (the founders of Wealthy Affiliate) have provided 4 awesome bonuses.

Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Stardom in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything)

A live class with one of the founders, Kyle, in the format of an ask me anything (AMA).

Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The WhitePaper.

Really no idea what this one is going to be about. Excited to see myself!

Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)

Five live training sessions on building authority websites in 2020. I suspect these are going to be with Jay, the live training coach, who tends to overdeliver in his training, so also excited myself to follow these trainings.

Bonus #4: Early 2020 Beta Access to New Platforms (Yearly Members Only)

There are many rollouts and improvements to the platform every year and 2020 is not going to be different. People who go yearly with the 2019 Black Friday offer are going to get beta access to these new platforms. Always cool to play around with some new feature before the others do. For example, this year my girlfriend got access to the Kraken Image Optimisation plugin, with which the people at Wealthy Affiliate have made some kind of agreement and optimized the Wealthy Affiliate hosting platform for. Interesting to play around for a fashion blogger that heavily relies on images like her.

The Time to Act is Now

With all the above being said, I hope I covered most of the points needed for you to understand what Wealthy Affiliate is all about and what the platform offers. I sincerely believe it is a very cool platform for any internet marketer and anyone interested in starting an online business. I’ve been a member myself there for almost 4 years now, so that testifies I really do enjoy the service they provide. I think they offer one of the most interesting Internet Marketing Black Friday deals in 2019, and that’s the reason I wanted to share it here. In fact, this blog is also hosted on Wealthy Affiliate. I hope the post was helpful and if you need any clarifications be sure to reach out. Just keep in mind that you can capitalize on the Black Friday offer only from November 29th (Black Friday) up to December 2nd (essentially 3 days after), so be sure to act fast.

Here again the Black Friday offer:
–>Check the Wealthy Affiliate 2019 Black Friday offer<–

And here the link to the free sign up page if you prefer to just check the platform out:
–>Click here to create your free Wealthy Affiliate account<–

Cheers, Antonios!

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8 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Black Friday 2019 Deals – Affiliate Marketing & Hosting”

  1. This is an amazing Black Friday deal for sure, I have read Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich scheme but a legitimate business training community more like a family than a business community. What about for people who can’t pay yearly, I was wondering is their a monthly payment plan?


    • Hello Jeff. Indeed Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme. They just provide a very nice service and accompany that with a wonderful community. There is of course a monthly plan, as well as a free trial offer. However, that way you cannot take advantage of the Black Friday offer. Here is the free trial if you are interested in that! Not a bad option if you want to just check things out!

  2. The Wealthy Affiliate black Friday deal is amazing and truly different than most scammy internet marketing platforms out there! The bonuses attached to it are the real deal and I think to get to ask Kyle anything about Wealthy Affiliate and the business is a good opportunity. I’ll share this to some other platforms so that they can know about it 

    • Yes, indeed the access to the owner Kyle, and also to such a vibrant community makes it even more valuable! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi. Thank you for sharing this post. Affiliate marketing is my favourite model of business online. This Black Friday deal is the craziest deal ever. Seems real value for money. I will grab it for my websites because I am creating up to 3 websites next year. Thanks again for sharing! 

    • Hey. Glad to see an affiliate marketer here. Glad the post was of help. Be sure to reach out if you need any help!

  4. Men Wealthy Affiliate is well loaded. You mean I can host up to 25 premium websites and 25 .siterubix sub domains? Free SSL for all of them? The four bonuses are very attractive too.

    Please, are you giving us assurance that we will not have issues if we grab this deal? I mean, are you sure we will be satisfy with the service we will receive?

    • Hey! What you mention is true about what the platform is offering. I am not part of the company or anything to give you guarantees. I am a user of their service and I am very much satisfied. The support team and the owners themselves have been very helpful with everything! Hope that helps!


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